Weinberg Vying for Jeffco Circuit Court Place 26 Judgeship

Martin Weinberg

In 2016, Martin will be vying for an open seat as the long time Democratic Judge is retiring. The primary will be held in March of 2016 due to it being a Presidential election cycle.

"After the 2014 election, I immediately returned full-time to practicing law and helping clients," says Weinberg. "However, Angela and I have remained committed daily to public service by staying informed and taking leadership roles in community activities and organizations. Over the past several months I have thought carefully about the 2016 election cycle and possibilities that would allow me to serve," says the candidate.

On April 28, 2015 Martin composed the following statement:

After careful consideration, I am announcing that I will be vying for the Jefferson County Circuit Court Place 26 Judgeship which will be an open seat in the 2016 election.

1. There are a number of issues with the perception as well as the reality of justice in our court systems. Not only do we have the serious need for prison reform in the State of Alabama we have serious problems across this country in places like Baltimore. Having compassionate and fair but thick skinned Judges is a necessity in this context. I have a life long commitment to leadership in our criminal justice system. I ran on this platform in 2014 and see an even more pressing need to speak about these issues in the 2016 campaign and bring about change on the bench.

2. My decision to run in 2014 was predicated in part on my family's commitment to providing service and fairness in all of Jefferson County. At my grandfather's funeral, I remarked in my eulogy about his tremendous courage to do the right thing. The following story weighs heavy on my heart : Cottons was filled with customers and he asked an African American porter to provide service to a customer in the shoe department. Sometime after, a group of local business owners in the area marched into the store telling him never to do that again. He said "get the hell out of my store and don't come back". I believe that I have the same courage to do the right thing when faced with difficult decisions. We will not be bullied or make decisions based on currying political favor.

3. Angela and I are fully committed to a better Jefferson County and believe that this is the best way for us to be of service. The last few months I have been focused on family and providing service to my clients. However, we have never wavered in any calls to help the community and will keep our commitments. "

Since deciding I would run again for Judge, I am encouraged by the number of supporters that have joined our team and committed to improving the quality of life in Jefferson County.

Our 2014 Campaign

Martin ran for Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge in 2014. As a first time candidate, Martin had an impressive showing as he won the Democratic nomination with nearly 58% of the vote and received 49.5 % of the vote against a long-term Republican incumbent in an election that favored strong Republican turnout. Martin gained the respect of voters throughout Jefferson County with his grassroots campaign and building coalitions of citizens that believe in improving the quality of life in Jefferson County.