About Martin Weinberg

Martin Weinberg

Martin has been a practicing attorney in the State of Alabama since 2004. He primarily represents clients, most of whom are lower income individuals, in criminal defense matters, civil rights and personal injury litigation as well as social security disability claims.

He practices in Municipal, State and Federal Courts throughout the State of Alabama. Martin has also represented governmental agencies, small businesses, and non-profit corporations.

He is a well-qualified candidate for Jefferson County Circuit Court, Criminal Division, Place 3.

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Campaign Update

Martin Running

I am truly humbled by our success at the polls and appreciate each and every vote. I am certainly excited that we will be the Democratic nominee in the general election. However, what is even more important is the feeling of what we achieved and the impact it has had on so many.

Angela Webb-Weinberg and I set out to do this after much conversation, reflection and prayer just a few months ago. We know that we made the right decision.

What is Circuit Court Criminal Place 3?

Justice Center

The Place 3 Judge hears criminal cases that are in the Birmingham Division of Jefferson County. Circuit Court is the highest court in the County for both civil cases and criminal cases. Jefferson County is unique in that it is one of the few counties in the state where Judges hear either civil cases or criminal cases but do not handle both.

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Paying the Civic Rent

As I talk about what Cotton's meant to the community, I am reminded that it's a two way street. The people of this community supported our family with their dollars. Hard working blue collar folks that were teachers, steel workers, nurses and factory workers continued to buy their nice looking church clothes, hats, shoes and other accessories in our store.

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  • Charles James

    "I have known Martin Weinberg for for over 12 years and I have come to know that he will always stand up and speak up for disenfranchised and underserved populations. He will always seek justice from a fair and unbiased point of view. He has always been that way, and that's who he is today. Therefore, I am supporting Martin Weinberg so that we might have a progressive voice in the Alabama Judicial System. Martin has the commitment and the courage we need to stand for fairness and equality in Alabama."

    -- CHARLES JAMES, Community Organizer
  • Organizations:

    • Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Council
    • Alabama Democratic Conference
    • New Jefferson County Citizens Coalition
    • United Mine Workers
    • Iron Workers Local No 92
  • Damian Atkins

    "For the last four years, I have worked on several cases with Martin. I have seen Martin remain professional as well as impartial under difficult circumstances. This is precisely the qualities one would look for in a judge."

    -- DAMIAN L. ATKINS, Criminal Investigator
  • "Community First Birmingham proudly endorses Martin Weinberg for Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Place 3."

  • Lisa Borden

    "I'm pleased to support Martin Weinberg in his candidacy for a Jefferson County Circuit Court criminal judgeship. We need criminal court judges who understand and have compassion for the tremendous obstacles faced by low income people. Martin has demonstrated these qualities many times in responding to my requests to represent homeless people on a pro bono basis. If you think these are important qualities in a judge who has the power to put people in jail, please support Martin."

    -- LISA BORDEN, Pro Bono Shareholder, Baker Donelson
  • Abbey Clarkson

    "Having had the privilege to work on multiple cases with Martin, I have been impressed with his kind and professional demeanor. Martin treats others with compassion, fairness, and respect without regard to race or class. His pragmatic approach to his cases, coupled with his even-handed treatment of others, make him an ideal judicial candidate."

  • "Martin never once asked me about money when handling my case. He helped me because he was genuinely interested in helping me and making a difference."

    -- IRENE JOHNSON, Community Activist

Why is Martin Running?

Martin Running

"I have had a life long passion for helping others and I believe that is evident today in both my law practice and my commitment to civic and community activities. Even as a teenager I was involved in civic activities aimed at improving the quality of life in Jefferson County and have developed friendships and personal relationships that transcend demographic and socio-economic barriers."

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a great last few days on the campaign trail - several events, speaking opportunities and just good ole fashioned pressing the flesh

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  • icon Had a great time in the Mountain Brook Mystics parade. One of the most fun parades of the campaign season. Angela drove and my mom and Breeze helped pass out candy 10 hours ago
  • icon We thank you so much for your support to D2 Line dancing for Fitness!!!!!! As D2 support you as well, and wish the BEST for you on the up coming election!!!! Please don't forget us once you're on the bench!!!!!! Boom! 😊 😆 12 hours ago
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